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At ERC we know exactly what happens inside engines and orient the characteristics of our additives accordingly. You could say that we have petrol in our blood. We are passionate about motor sports and are involved in various forms of racing with motorcycles, passenger vehicles, and veteran cars. With sponsoring, our own vehicles, or our premium additives, we accentuate the German motor sports scene.


ERC sponsoring

24h Race at the Nürburgring

The 24h race at the Nürburgring is one of the world's greatest automotive races. More than 160 vehicles and more than 600 drivers signed up for an action-packed fight for victory or good placement in their classes. ERC Additiv GmbH, a sponsor of two vehicles in the alternative drives (AT) class, invited customers to experience the race up close.

For them it was a special experience to witness the race from the pit. The hectic small repairs on the vehicle, fuelling stops, and conversations with drivers and mechanics during the race were as much as part of the highlights as a photo shoot on the course. 'You experience racing from an entirely different perspective than on television or in the grandstand at the track,' was the unanimous review. In the interim, the ERC customers were able to relax after the excitement and exertion in a lounge at the Dorinth Hotel. Veronika Wanot, who accompanied the customers on the trip to the race through the 'Green Hell' of the Ring in unusually good Eifel weather, explained, 'Our high-performance additives that we produce for liquefied propane gas and diesel fuels and the performance of the racers fit together well.' The company residing in the Northern Saxon city of Buchholz places special emphasis on only supporting teams which also make an active contribution to environmental protection. For example, this is the case with the Cologne-based OVR Racing Team, a sponsor partner of ERC: Their Ford Focus RS is powered with liquefied petroleum gas instead of petrol, thus cutting back on CO2 emissions by about 15 5.

Liquefied petroleum gas can also reduce the impact on the environment and people by up to 99% of the harmful particle emissions in comparison with petrol. A gas system from Dutch producer Prins provides the necessary speed in the 'Green Hell'. The Ford Focus confirmed its praise leading up to the race. It was over after the 39th lap: An overzealous Porsche driver collided with the Ford and the day was over for both vehicles. Entirely unspectacular, but like a Swiss watch, the Audi A4 quattro of Tuning Akademie continued lap after lap. Under the hood of the Ingolstadt product, also sponsored by ERC, a 3.0 litre TDI engine powered by a new type of bio-diesel called R 33 does the heavy lifting. The drivers completed lap after lap in a business-like manner and managed to avoid encounters small and large on the course. Only a small vehicle defect forced an extended pit stop, so that the team ultimately only took second place in its class. In any case, alternative drives and additives of Emissions-Reduzierungs-Concepte-GmbH are well-matched, which is why ERC will continue its involvement in motor sports. Customers will be pleased that they now finally have the opportunity to look behind the scenes at the racetrack, talk shop with drivers and mechanics, experience unforgettable moments, or simply enjoy the atmosphere. Anyone interested in attending the next race should contact ERC Additiv GmbH at an early stage, because experience has shown that the available allotment is quickly exhausted.

2017 Saison Phil #49