20 years of competence with hazardous materials

ERC GmbH produces and packages 30,000 t of additives per year in its Wahlstedt plant. We combine the active ingredients and - depending on customer wishes - dispense them into tankers, large and small containers, down to as small as 50 ml bottles. In addition to the ERC brand, numerous products of other renowned suppliers are also produced and filled, whereby around 200 different products from approximately 25 brands leave the factory.

  • Production, labelling, and handling according to current standards and safety regulations
  • High quality, safety, and environmental standards
  • Always in consideration of: costs, efficiency, safety, and timing
  • Relief of production and dispensing bottlenecks
  • Consultation for formulation questions, expansion of the product pallet, or for implementation of new product segments
  • already from the first container
  • from the specification sheet to delivery of the dispensed and labelled final production - on request, we can handle the entire production chain for you
  • partial and individual process chains also possible if desired
  • sizes from 50 ml containers to tankers