Appearance: Yellow-brown liquid
Density (15°C): 0.87 g/ml
Viscosity (20°C): approx. 40 mm²/s
Dosage: 300 – 500 ppm

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DA 3202

Optimises five important characteristics of diesel fuels

With its multifunctional active ingredient components DA 3202 optimises ignition behaviour, anti-corrosion protection, cleaning, performance, and foaming tendency of diesel fuels.

The Effect

ERC DA 3202 contains a high percentage of cetane improver based on the final dosage of 1:3,000. It increases the cetane number by up to 3 points and thereby immediately improves ignition behaviour.

In order to clean injection nozzles and keep them clean, ERC DA 3202 contains 150 ppm of detergent based on the final dosage of 1:3,000. During operation, deposits from soot particles which influence the spray pattern build up in the piston rings and/or on the nozzles. At the same time, there is a greater ignition delay with an unfavourable combustion process. Therefore, deposits must be prevented of or reduced to a specific extent.

ERC DA 3202 contains an effective anti-foam ingredient. It suppresses the foaming of the fuel and enables quick refuelling.

ERC DA 3202 contains a highly effective anti-corrosion protection component which works in fuel containers and lines, as well as the engine interior.

ERC DA 3202 contains a highly effective performance package for the stabilisation of ageing or rather oxidation. It also ensures nozzle cleanliness, consumption optimisation, and reduced emissions.

ERC DA 3202 satisfies the requirements of the 'World-Wide Fuel Charter', the demands of the international petroleum industry, is DIN compliant, and compatible with all common refinery additives (MDFI/WASA, LI, CI).

The Properties

ERC DA 3202:

  • Improvement of ignition behaviour
  • Increase of cetane number
  • Continuous and gentle cleaning and sustained cleanliness of the fuel system and injectors
  • Reduction of corrosion and wear
  • Improvement of thermal stability and storage life
  • Reduction of foaming during refuelling


ERC DA 3202 can be added to the product flow while refuelling or prior to refuelling the tank. The recommended dosage is 300 to 500 ppm.

ERC DA 3202 must be stored tightly sealed in a cool and dry location. Open containers must be resealed again. The additive can be stored for up to three years in unopened original containers.