Dynamic with BL-U 100 increases the efficiency of diesel engines
Dosage 1:1000
Ageing protection* +
Improved storage life** +
Anti-corrosion protection +
Pump protection +
Nozzle cleaning +
Combustion optimisation +
Ignition acceleration +
Biocide/bacterial protection

* Protection against ageing based on the increased stress in modern engines (common rail)

** Protection against ageing from extended time in the tank

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Dynamic with BL-U 100

Makes standard diesel into premium diesel

ERC Dynamic with BL-U 100 improves the performance of standard diesel to make it premium diesel and is especially well-suited for independent petrol stations or fleets.

The Effect

With its active performance ingredients, ERC Dynamic with BL-U 100 adapts normal diesel to the requirements of the latest engines and is especially interesting for petrol stations. The combination of active ingredients in ERC Dynamic with BL-U 100 increases the efficiency of diesel engines in a variety of ways. Thanks to ERC Dynamic with BL-U 100, there is also premium quality diesel at the petrol station.

The Result

Deposit Control Additivs (DCA) in ERC Dynamic with BL-U 100 clean and protect injection nozzles, the fuel system, and the engine interior. The increase of the cetane number assures improved cold start behaviour and smooth engine running. Corrosion is prevented and the service life of the engine is extended. The foam reducing agent enables quicker and more complete refuelling. Stabilisers reduce the ageing processes in diesel. The bottom line is that ERC Dynamic with BL-U 100 provides more power and more kilometres.

The benefits at a glance

ERC Dynamic with BL-U 100:

  • Keeps nozzles, fuel system, and engine interior free from build-up
  • Increased efficiency
  • Optimises the nozzle spray pattern
  • Increases the cetane number and improves cold-start behaviour
  • Reduces corrosion and extends the engine service life
  • Diesel can be stored 30% longer
  • TÜV-monitored


ERC Dynamic with BL-U 100 is added to diesel in a 1:1000 dosage and is suitable for all diesel fuels in accordance with DIN EN 590, even with bio shares of up to 20%.