ERC Flow Guard HEL improves flow at temperatures down to - 10°C
Dosage 1:1000
Ageing protection -
Thermal stability -
Anti-corrosion protection -
Non-ferrous metal protection -
Pump lubrication -
Nozzle cleaning -
Combustion optimisation -
Odourant -
Flow enhancement +

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Flow Guard HEL

Assures correct function of heating systems, even with severe cold

ERC Flow Guard is a flow improver that burns ash-free for heating oil during winter use, and is also effective in heating oil with a bio share of up to 20 %.

The Effect

Heating oil is already relatively winter-proof, but when it is very cold, the contained paraffins can separate and agglomerate. Consequently, they clog fuel lines and filters, in which case the heating system no longer runs properly or can even shut down. Flow Guard, flow enhancer which burns ash-free, counteracts this. The additive keeps paraffin crystals small and the heating oil retains is filtration and flow capacity. The CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point) can be improved by op to 10°C depending on the heating oil quality. Use is recommended for all DIN heating oils and bio heating oils before the onset of winter. ERC Flow Guard can be used in yellow burners, blue burners, bowl-type burners (oil heaters), and pre-evaporators.

The Result

ERC Flow Guard contains so-called nucleating agents which are available in surplus in the cooling paraffin condensation cores. As a result, smaller growth crystals form instead of larger. The minuscule growth crystals can easily pass through lines and filters without causing clogging. In addition, a surface limiter envelops the paraffin crystals and keeps them in suspension. As a result, larger clumps cannot form at a later time, either. ERC Flow Guard expands the range of flow capacity of heating oil by up to 10°C and improves operational reliability and environmental compatibility.

The benefits at a glance

ERC Flow Guard:

  • Improves the low-temperature behavior of domestic heating oil
  • Assures heating system operation even in ice-cold days
  • Minimises the risk of clogged lines and filters
  • Prevents costly malfunctions
  • Ash-free combustion
  • TÜV-monitored

ERC Flow Guard is added to heating oil in a 1:1000 dosage and is also suitable for heating oil with a bio share of up to 20%. ERC Flow Guard should be stored at temperatures above 10°C; extreme heat and cold should be avoided.