Shock dosage 1:1000
Prevention 1:4000
Ageing protection -
Thermal stability -
Anti-corrosion protection +
Non-ferrous metal protection +
Pump lubrication -
Nozzle cleaning -
Combustion optimisation -
Odourant -
Flow enhancement -

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grotamar® 82

Biocide against bacteria, fungi, and yeast in diesel fuel and heating oil

grotamar® 82 kills micro-organisms in diesel and heating oil quickly and reliably and thereby protects against malfunctions and damage in engines and heaters.

The Effect

Water in the diesel, condensate water, and heat in the tank system provide conditions for the growth of bacteria, fungi, and yeast. They form bio-sludge and organic acids which lead to filter clogging and corrosion. A failure of the engine or heating system is the result. By adding grotamar® 82, the growth of micro-organisms can be prevented.

The Result

grotamar® 82 quickly kills microbial pests and effectively protects against corrosion. Expensive repairs are avoided. grotamar® 82 was also successfully tested as an initial biocide by Öl-Wärme-Institut in an oil burner pump endurance test and fulfils the criteria catalogue for heating oil (extra light) additives.

The benefits at a glance

grotamar® 82:

  • Works quickly and effectively against bacteria, yeast, and fungi
  • Protective formula specially developed for heating oil (extra light) and heating oil (extra light) A Bio
  • Tested by Öl-Wärme-Institut for use in all heating oil (extra light) qualities
  • Tested by SGS Institut Fresenius
  • Excellent long-term protection for tank, lines, and engine
  • Outstanding solubility in all heating oil and diesel qualities

grotamar® 82 can be used preventatively in a dilution of 1:4000 or as a shock dosage in the event of a microbe infestation in a dilution of 1:1000 and is added directly to the fuel and/or heating oil.