High-performance additive for heating oils with up to 20% bio-components
Dosage 1:2000
Ageing protection ++
Thermal stability ++
Anti-corrosion protection ++
Non-ferrous metal protection +
Pump lubrication +
Nozzle cleaning +
Combustion optimisation +
Odourant +
Flow enhancement -

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Guard Bio Thermic

Multi-function active ingredient which burns ash-free for low-sulphur heating oil.

ERC Guard Bio Thermic is the first TÜV tested high-performance additive for heating oils with up to 20% bio-components. With organic combustion enhancers, can be used in all DIN heating oils.

The Effect

ERC Guard Bio Thermic is the first high-performance additive certified by TÜV NORD for low-sulphur heating oil with a bio share of up to 20%, combination with high sulphur heating oil (1.000 ppm sulphur) is also problem-free. The comparative endurance test of TÜV NORD demonstrated the spectacular effect of ERC Guard Bio Thermic on the low-sulphur heating oil used in the test. There were no ageing products on the tank bottom and no corrosion.

The Result

ERC Guard Bio Thermic assures stable heating oil flow through the nozzle. Even after a burner operating time of 1,510 hours, there was no increase of exhaust gas losses. The heating system with heating oil without additives operating in parallel was then measured as an emissions 'polluter'. In addition, ERC Guard Bio Thermic contains an odourant which covers up the heating oil odour which is often perceived as unpleasant.

The benefits at a glance

ERC Guard Bio Thermic:

  • Slows the natural ageing process of heating oil
  • Keeps filters and nozzles clean
  • Stops corrosion
  • Reduces CO emissions
  • Covers heating oil odour

ERC Guard Bio Thermic is recommended for heating oils with up to 20 % bio-components, low-sulphur and standard heating oil. The additive can be used in all burners. The dosage takes place in a ratio of 1:2,000.