ERC Guard Thermic for low-sulphur heating oil with bio share
Dosage 1:2000
Ageing protection +
Thermal stability +
Anti-corrosion protection +
Non-ferrous metal protection +
Pump lubrication +
Nozzle cleaning +
Combustion optimisation +
Odourant +
Flow enhancement -

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Guard Thermic

Multi-function active ingredient which burns ash-free for low-sulphur heating oil.

ERC Guard Thermic for low-sulphur heating oil with a bio share and all other DIN heating oils slows the natural ageing of heating oil and contains an organic combustion enhancer.

The Effect

ERC Guard Thermic slows the natural ageing of heating oil. Stabilisers prevent components of the heating system from releasing into the heating oil and forming sediments, and/or accelerating the ageing of the heating oil. In the process, select active ingredients neutralise the ions already in the heating oil and apply a protective coating to the metal surfaces, which suppresses the release of new ions and protects against corrosion. In addition, the additive prevents the formation of resin-like, adhesive ageing products which arise due to the high thermal load of the heating oil within the pump and can block it. At the same time, lubrication of the pump is improved.

The Result

ERC Guard Thermic removes deposits from the nozzles and ignition electrodes and prevents further carbonisation. The result is an optimal, combustion-friendly spray pattern and a considerable minimisation of carbon monoxide emissions and deposits. An odourant also masks the odour of heating oil, which is often perceived as unpleasant.

The benefits at a glance

ERC Guard Thermic:

  • Slows the natural ageing process of heating oil
  • Prevents sediment formation
  • Keeps filters and nozzles clean
  • The heating system works more efficiently and fault-free
  • Stops corrosion
  • Covers heating oil odour
  • Is TÜV tested

ERC Guard Thermic is especially recommended for low-sulphur heating oil, including with smaller bio shares, and standard heating oil. It can be used in yellow burners, blue burners, and in shell-type burners (oil heaters), and pre-evaporators. The dosage takes place in a ratio of 1:2,000.