Appearance: Clear liquid
Density (15°C): 0.89 - 0.93 g/ml
Flame point: > 100 °C
Viscosity (20°C): 20 - 50 mm²/s
Dosage: 50 - 250 ppm

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LI 3021

Lubrication enhancer for heating oil and diesel fuels

ERC LI 3021 improves the lubricating properties of middle distillates (heating oil and diesel) and the adverse characteristics of low-sulphur mineral oil products.

The Effect

ERC diesel additive LI 3021 is designed to improve the lubrication properties of middle distillates, which has become necessary with the introduction of low-sulphur mineral oil products. ERC LI 3021 is an additive which reduces the friction on metal surfaces. It is capable of improving the lubrication properties of middle distillates, naphtha, and kerosene, and is suitable for all types of fuel pumps and valves. It reduces failure of fuel pumps, valves, and gas turbine fuel distributors with improved lubrication properties and can be used with all types of fuel pumps, fuel injection nozzles, and valves. ERC LI 3021 is compatible with the following fuel additives: Iron, magnesium, detergents, dispersants, cetane improver, corrosion inhibitors, stability improver, anti-foaming agents, demulsifiers.

The Properties

ERC LI 3021:

  • Excellent lubrication properties
  • Excellent anti-corrosion protection
  • Very good water separation
  • Does not contain sulphur, chlorine, or metal compounds
  • Compatible with all commercially available refinery and performance additives
  • Wear reduction verified in RIG test

ERC LI 3021 can be added directly to the diesel flow or diluted during refuelling. It is also possible to pour the additive into the tank before refuelling. The dosage depends on the original quality. The recommended dosage is between 50 and 250 ppm.

ERC LI 3021 should be stored at temperatures above -5°C. Open containers must be resealed again. ERC LI 3021 can be stored for two years without reduction in the effectiveness.

Container: 50 l and 200 l metal canisters, 1,000 l exchange container.