Protect with BL-U 100 triples the storage life of diesel fuel.
Dosage 1:2000
Ageing protection* +
Improved storage life** +
Anti-corrosion protection +
Pump protection +
Nozzle cleaning +
ombustion optimisation +
Ignition acceleration +
Biocide/bacterial protection +

* Protection against ageing based on theincreased stress inmodern engines (common rail)

** Protection against ageing from extended timein the tank

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Protect with BL-U 100

Increase the storage life of diesel

ERC Protect with BL-U 100 triples the storage life of diesel fuel and fights against bacteria, fungi, and yeast for the reliable and quick start-up of emergency generators.

The Effect

Emergency generators and other auxiliary engines are only used very infrequently. However, they must start and run reliably under all conditions. It is all the more important that the diesel fuel which is used retains its original quality and that the injection nozzles or injectors, the fuel system, and the pump are in the best condition. ERC Protect with BL-U 100 ensures this.

The Result

ERC Protect with BL-U 100 contains stabilisers which stop the ageing process of diesel. Storage life and thermal stability are increased as a result. A biocide prevents the besetting of the fuel with micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi, and yeast. As a result, fuel and engine are ready for use. The combustion is optimised, which means consumption and harmful emissions are lowered. At the same time, a performance package ensures improved start-up behaviour, a longer service life of the engine, and smoother engine running. The foam reducing agent enables quicker refuelling up to the full capacity.

The benefits at a glance

ERC Protect with BL-U 100:

  • Triples the storage life of diesel
  • Fights bacteria, fungi, and yeast in diesel
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Increases performance reliability
  • Extends engine service life
  • Keeps nozzles, fuel system and engine interior free from deposits
  • Assures efficiency
  • System performance is optimised
  • TÜV-monitored


ERC Protect with BL-U 100 is added to diesel in a 1:2000 dosage and is suitable in diesel engines with extended downtimes. It can also be used for diesel fuels with a bio-diesel share of up to 20% and in heating oil operated units.