Dosage 1:2000
Ageing protection -
Thermal stability -
Anti-corrosion protection -
Non-ferrous metal protection -
Pump lubrication -
Nozzle cleaning -
Combustion optimisation +
Odourant +
Flow enhancement -

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Soot Guard

Multi-function active ingredient for oil heaters with ferrocene-based combustion enhancers

ERC Soot Guard assures a permanently stable flame and soot-free, economical and environmentally-friendly combustion of heating oil in oil heating systems.

The Effect

Soot is normally not a problem for modern oil heaters, except for oil heaters, where it may bring about high consequential costs. As a rule of thumb, a 1-mm-thick layer of soot on the boiler wall inhibits the heat transfer to the hot water to the extent that the heating oil consumption increases by approx. 4% with a consistent heat requirement. The main cause of soot is a poor and incomplete combustion of heating oil due to low oxygen levels. ERC soot guard relieves this and is simply added to the heating oil.

The Result

ERC soot guard's catalytic effect is released in the flame and re-establishes optimal soot-free conditions. Consumption and costs are reduced and the impact on the environment as well as on the wallet is reduced, too. ERC soot guard works in more than just the flame. In parallel, existing deposits on boiler walls are broken down by ERC soot guard.

The benefits at a glance

ERC soot guard:

  • Assures a permanently stable flame
  • Assures soot-free, efficient and environmental-friendly combustion
  • Existing deposits on boiler walls are broken down
  • Reduces heating oil consumption
  • Prevents soot-related faults of the heating system
  • Reduces heating costs
  • Reduces harmful emissions

ERC soot guard can be used on bowl-type burners (oil heaters). Not permitted for thermal value equipment. Dosage: 1:2,000