Doubles the storage life and thermal stability of diesel fuel
Dosage 1:2000
Ageing protection* +
Improved storage life** +
Anti-corrosion protection +
Pump protection +
Nozzle cleaning +
Combustion optimisation +
Ignition acceleration +
Biocide/bacterial protection

* Protection against ageing based on theincreased stress inmodern engines (common rail)

** Protection against ageing from extended timein the tank

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Trak HP with BL-U 100

Doubles the storage life and thermal stability of diesel fuel

ERC Trak HP with BL-U 100 was specially developed for use in diesel generators with extended downtimes.

The Effect

Many diesel engines are only operated sporadically or at certain times of year, such as in harvesting machinery, diesel generators, snowploughs, or sport boats. Their downtimes often exceed the storage life of the diesel fuel. Deposits and filter blockages may occur by aging products. Furthermore, increased corrosion may occur.

The Result

With the newly developed additive ERC Trak HP with BL-U 100, the storage life and thermal stability of diesel fuel are doubled. Detergents clean and protect injection nozzles and injectors, the fuel system, and the engine interior. Engine efficiency and performance reliability are improved. ERC Trak HP with BL-U 100 sustainably prevents carbonisation on the injection nozzles and offers an additional extensive performance package for more power, a longer engine service life, and smoother running.

The benefits at a glance

ERC Trak HP with BL-U 100:

  • Doubles the storage life of diesel.
  • Keeps nozzles, fuel system, and engine interior free from deposits
  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved nozzle spray pattern
  • Minimised ignition delay
  • Increases the cetane number and improves cold-start behaviour
  • The engine runs more smoothly, which reduces knocking
  • Fuel pump protection and lubrication


ERC Trak HP with BL-U 100 is added to diesel in a 1:2000 dosage and is also suitable for diesel fuels with a bio-diesel share of up to 20%.


The DLG has tested and certified a diesel fuel additive for the first time. Please refer to the DLG Reprint.



Here you can find more informations about premium diesel with Trak HP with BL-U 100® for trade.