Environmental technology, NOx reduction

  • Our tasks also include the provision of dosing systems and tank equipment for process additives, such as dosing and conveying in combustion technology applications.
  • Nowadays combustion systems may only be operated within the scope of narrow of emission Limits given by the legislator. Process additives assure optimised combustion and reliable reduction of dust, soot, CO, SO3, and NOx emissions.
  • In order to adapt heavy oil-fired boilers to current emissions regulations, primary and secondary metering systems are used for the decontamination according to the ERC process in order to distribute the process additives and NOx reductive agents in Proportion to quantity and depending on the load in the boiler and/or flue gas.
  • As part of the secondary metering system for flue gas denitrification cooling water is requirerd with a specific pressure for the atomizer Lance.

ERC MSR designs and manufactures systems necessary to increase the pressure to monitor the cooling circuit, the dosing equipment for the reductive agent, and the switch cabinets required for the control and monitoring. The operating media is added by means of programmable logic controllers as necessary and load-dependent in order to obtain optimal results with minimal consumption.

All pipelines, pressure transducers, and measurement sensors are designed in stainless steel 1.4571. Measuring equipment of this type and other types are also provided by ERC MSR in ex-protected versions. They are used in explosion-prone areas such as refineries and solvent tank facilities. Customer specifications can be taken into account for the selection of the instrumentation and the switching components.

Burner and boiler systems fired with heavy oil and solid fuel are supplied with process additives, cooling water, and injected water in the scope of combustion optimisation and emissions reduction.

Efficient operation requires need-based regulation of conveyed flow. This must take place on the basis of precise measurements of temperatures and flow rates of water, additives, and cooling media at the inlet and outlet.

Bus connection and operation

  • With the use of SIMATIC S7 control units, integration into existing bus systems and operation and monitoring via operator panels can be flexibly implemented.
  • The panels can be adapted to the respective requirements and even be provided in multiple languages. This is especially recommended for export systems, because the operation of the system in the respective national language is then made possible and service technicians can switch the system to another language (e.g. German or English).