Germaine Hintze

carbamin 5000

Build-up reducer for solid fuels

ERC carbamin 5000 is an effective water-based loosening agent for the prevention of difficult-to-remove build-up in the combustion chamber.

ERC carbamin 5000 is a combination of neutralising and catalytically active components which is added to fuel prior to combustion via the fuel distributor. Build-ups are loosened so that they are easier to remove. ERC carbamin 5000 is suitable for solid and liquid fuels with a tendency to soil.

Advantages of ERC carbamin 5000:

  • Higher thermal boiler efficiency
  • Reduced soot blower use
  • Lower steam requirement
  • Extended periods between boiler cleaning
  • Lower cleaning and repair costs
  • No unplanned shut-downs and downtimes
  • Higher efficiency of the turbine due to higher steam temperatures