satamin 3126

Corrosion inhibitor for liquid fuels

ERC satamin 3126 is a liquid corrosion inhibitor for heavy heating and residue oils. It is completely soluble in oil, and reduces SO3 in flue gas by means of neutralisation. ERC satamin 3126 prevents corrosion in the downstream heating surfaces like the economiser, as well as the discharge of acidic soot agglomerates. ERC satamin 3126 contains organically bound magnesium. This prevents increased solid particle emissions and deposits, as well as abrasion on the burner nozzles, which can occur with magnesium oxide (MgO). The release of the metal on an atomic level guarantees an optimal acid absorption capacity. ERC satamin 3126 combines the highest possible active ingredient concentration with a very high storage stability.

Advantages of ERC satamin 3126:

  • reduced SO3 content of flue gas
  • reduced acid dew point
  • reduced acidic smut
  • reduced exhaust gas temperature
  • increased efficiency
  • increased melt temperature of the oil ash
  • prevention of hard, melted ash build-up on the heating surfaces

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