satamin 3132

Burn-off enhancer for liquid fuels

ERC satamin 3132 is a liquid, organic, and ash-free additive for improved burn-off for preparation in the storage tank. ERC satamin 3132 contains highly polar, surface-active components which homogenise and stabilise the fuel. The result is improved overall properties of the heavy oil which take place during the period from storage to combustion. The satamin technology comprises several active ingredient types which can be combined and harmonised such that even the widest range of boiler operating problems can be optimally solved with precise knowledge of the local firing conditions.

The demulsifier effect is the chemical separation of dirt-particle-bearing oil-water emulsions in the tank.

The detergent effect is the dissolving of sludge in the storage tank and the breakdown of contaminants in the pipework.

The dispersant effect prevents the separation of heavy oil into lighter and heavier portions in the tank.

Advantages of ERC satamin 3132:

  • no pipe clogging from wet sludge deposits
  • the entire fuel distribution system is kept clean and protected from corrosion.
  • more consistent fuel viscosity and atomisation

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