Biodiesel additives

Additives for all diesel qualities

Every diesel engine needs care. It makes no difference whether it is operated with conventional diesel fuel or biodiesel. Long standstill times or fluctuating fuel qualities can have a strong impact on the performance of diesel engines, and carbonisation on the injection nozzles can increase fuel consumption. The formation of bio-sludge or insufficient protection against the cold can result in clogged lines and filters, as well as corrosion. Our diesel additives clean the fuel system and injection nozzles and keep them clean.

Performance package with multi-functional active ingredient components

We offer a large selection of suitable additives and engine care products that permanently improve the properties of diesel and biodiesel fuels. From broadband diesel additives for trouble-free year-round engine operation to flow improvement products for biodiesel.

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Take advantage of our biodiesel additives, for example:

  • Increased performance
  • Improved flow behaviour
  • Protection against bio-sludge from fungi and bacteria
  • Clean fuel system and injection nozzles
  • Longer shelf life
  • Higher cetane rating
  • Improved ignition behaviour
  • Lower consumption
  • Reduced emissions and clean combustion
  • Less wear and improved corrosion protection
  • Protection against cold

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