A powerful group

The ERC Group is comprised of four companies which are affiliated within a holding structure. The synergies arising within this structure can be utilised optimally. Emissions-Reduzierungs-Concepte GmbH acts as a service provider to the three subsidiaries: ERC Additiv GmbH, ERC Technik GmbH und MSR, and handles the accounting, logistics, and purchasing.

It also serves foreign ERC subsidiaries. Despite our size, this structure has provided for numerous areas of overlap between the individual companies, making us one big ERC family.

ERC Additiv

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ERC Additiv GmbH has long-term and extensive experience in the development and production of additives for fuels. With innovative solutions for combustion and consumption optimisation, emissions reduction, as well as stabilisation and deposit reduction, we continually set new courses in the additives market and are among the pioneers in technological development.

ERC Technik

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ERC Technik GmbH develops and produces fuel additives, burners, and combustion plants for gas and liquid fuels, as well as special firing systems which are used in power plants and industry. We produce exclusively in Germany. We are well-positioned in the flue gas denitrification sector (SNCR and SCR plants).

The ERC MSR division develops and produces, among other things, control and dosing systems for industry, power plants, and waste management and is also a conveying, refrigeration, and air conditioning system builder for renowned companies. We have established expertise in the service, maintenance, and revitalisation of old plants.


After starting off with 17 employees - ERC has developed into a company with over 100 employees which operates worldwide. Continuity and reliability are especially important to us and have enabled this growth. Nonetheless, over the 20-year history of our company, it has been possible for us to continuously recognise new developments at an early stage and to derive and implement the right innovations based on these developments. We will also remain true to this tradition in the future.