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ERC stands for Emission Reduction Concepts, the art of achieving improved combustion processes with lower emissions. That is our goal and claim with which we strive to make a contribution to improved air quality and thus quality of live.

25 years of commitment to the environment

Our most important priority is already evident in the company name ERC GmbH, which stands for Emission Reduction Concepts: innovative technologies for more efficient use of energy and improved air quality.

In the past 25 years ERC has introduced numerous innovative solutions that have set worldwide standards for preventing and reducing emissions from combustion processes. Substantially lower emissions of particulate matter, nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, as well as sulphur dioxide and trioxide are our contribution to protecting people, the environment and the climate. A prerequisite for this has always been and will continue to be our timely ability to recognise new developments and implement them in the form of practicable technologies - yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Concepts and solutions for emission reduction

We have offered custom concepts and solutions for emission reduction for over 25 years and have become one of the leading companies in this sector in Germany and worldwide.We take diverse technological approaches and combine the widest-ranging technologies and ideas to provide individual solutions.

Our four divisions work hand in hand...

... in order to ensure resources are better utilized and emissions are minimized



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A powerful group

The ERC Group is comprised of four companies which are affiliated within a holding structure.
The synergies arising within this structure can be utilised optimally.

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