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ERC Additiv GmbH, as part of the ERC Group, specialises in the manufacture of additives for fuels and lubricants. Our high-quality products, which are Made in Germany, sustainably improve the efficiency, performance and service life of engines and systems.
They are used in diverse applications, such as heating systems, cars, motorcycles, utility vehicles, boats and emergency power generators.

30 years of optimised fuels

ERC Additiv GmbH has been committed from the very beginning to improving the performance of fuels, for example in 1993 with the introduction of the first DHO additive with an ageing stabiliser.

In the past quarter century our innovative additives have contributed to efficiency and environmental protection at many levels, such as optimised consumption, reduced deposits and fewer emissions; but we have also developed additives for cleaning and protecting engines, transmissions, fuel burners or particulate filters for all vehicle, burner and fuel types - a liquid toolbox for the protection of people, machines and the environment.

Our production plant

At our production plant in Wahlstedt we develop, test and produce high-quality additives for fuels. These facilities offer the ideal technological conditions for manufacturing and filling hazardous materials in compliance with legal requirements and the needs of our customers. > Learn more

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Additive production in numbers

Our production is efficient, flexible and safe. That is confirmed by the following figures:



kilo tons of CO2 savings through premium additives for heating oil



million liters of concentrated active substance per year



million m³ additives/per year added to create premium heating oil from standard heating oil



different products



million litres produced with no accidents


Our solutions for diverse industries

We deliver our additives to industrial and commercial enterprises - reliably, on time and on demand