Welcome to ERC Technik

Our customers are industry and power plant operators. Our spectrum ranges from the cement plant to waste incineration plants to firing plants of all sizes.

30 years of industrial clean air

Large industrial firing plants also produce large quantities of emissions. Efficient cleaning technology can therefore achieve major improvements for the environment right at the source - in power plants, waste incineration plants or cement plants.

Since ERC was founded we have dedicated our entire expertise to this goal: DeNOx systems based on the SNCR, SCR and ERC-plus processes have become indispensable in industrial process engineering. Not to mention industrial additives and auxiliary process additives for clean combustion in large boilers. In 2014 we bundled these successful activities in ERC Technik GmbH - a good basis for the future.

ERC Technik delivers sophisticated solutions based on three pillars.

Whether DeNOx systems, additive or ignition, auxiliary, and power burners, ERC Technik finds the right solution to optimize combustion and to reduce emisssions.