Conveying technology, automation

With regard to the production of cosmetics, recipe-dependent amounts must be quantified, metered by means of pneumatic valves and mixed via speed-regulated drives. The finished product is then transferred to storage tanks and dispensed into containers. Conveyor belts to bring the filled Containers to the sealing and labelling systems.

Next, the palletised containers are identified using scanners and then brought to the appropriate storage location. For this purpose, ERC MSR supplies the necessary automation technology, including connection to superior EDP systems.

Operating data such as raw material and energy consumption or batch data can be provided by means of OPC interfaces for further processing with standard office programs. The necessary control cabinets are made of steel, stainless steel or plastic, depending on the production facilities. If, climate-controlled cabinets are also supplied, too.

  • ERC MSR also realises automation systems for classification, storage, identification, and outsourcing.
  • A wide range of tasks in process and conveying technology are solved with such automated processes.
  • ERC MSR provides the necessary sensors for object and jam recognition, as well as the control systems for container advancement.
  • ERC MSR also provides the process control with recipe management and recording of raw material as well as additive consumption for these machines and systems.

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