Bus systems for industry and building automation

Different bus systems can be used for reduction of installation expenditures and for data transmission. IO-Bus is used in the control area. PROFINET, PROFIBUS, Modbus, and InterBus are used for data recording and control. The Industrial Ethernet and PROFIBUS bus systems have a proven track record for communication with control systems or the exchange with other control units.

The coupling of industrial plants with common interfaces to the building automation, such as BACnet and M-Bus, takes place by means of the corresponding control units. In the process, consistent communication via TCP/IP is made possible. Many bus systems can be provided in Cu or fibre optic cable. In environmental technology systems, such as clearing plant combustion systems, for instance, ERC MSR uses the InterBus system in order to record and to transmit measurement data, level statuses, and operating statuses, and to couple the MSR technology with the central process control technology.

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