Consulting with Understanding

You have a specific problem or an optimization task? We help you exactly where you need us!

You too can benefit from our expert knowledge and turn to the Xperts with confidence.

Overcome Challenges

In order to identify the challenges of the future at an early stage, we are always in close exchange with our distinctive network. Our services are tailored to the needs of:

Shipping companies and shipyards

Operators of industrial plants and power stations

Municipalities and communities

Hanseatic Business Principles

We follow Hanseatic business principles when advising our customers. Respect, sincerity and honesty form the foundation of our business relationships.

Focus on the Benefit

We are convinced that both sides must always benefit from a business transaction. With this in mind, we always take the perspective of our customers and clearly identify the potential of an assignment in advance.


When putting together our team, we rely on highly qualified employees who complement each other optimally in their professional and personal orientation. The broad content of our team enables us to offer our customers an optimal solution even when it is necessary to "think outside the box".


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