Marine Industry

Due to our proximity to the Port of Hamburg, our customers from the shipping segment are particularly close to our hearts. Our well-trained and experienced marine engineers know exactly what is important when advising ship owners, ship operators and shipyards. That is why we always check whether the solutions and concepts developed by us can also be implemented practically on board a ship. In doing so, we take into account both the demanding daily routine of the crew and the regulations of the various classification societies.



Marine Engineering

 Dual-Fuel systems
 Ballast water treatment systems
 Engine systems (main and auxiliary machines)
 Auxiliary units
 Fuel systems
 Measurement technology
 Hydraulic and pneumatic systems

Exhaust Gas Cleaning

 SCR catalysts
 Exhaust gas scrubber 
 System design
 Valuation of existing plants
 Optimization of existing plants

Marine Process Engineering

 Heat exchanger
 Filter and separation technology



Problem Solving

In the case of vessel malfunction or operating problems, we will help you clearly identify the cause of the problem and work out a solution.

Identifying potential Savings

By optimizing plant operation and developing practical operating strategies, we help you to reduce your operating costs in the long term.

Preparation of Feasibility Studies

If you want to integrate new technology into the existing on-board infrastructure, we check in advance for you what effort this involves and what cross-dependencies exist.

Procurement Support

We take over the examination of supplier offers for you or already support you in the creation of a specification that exactly reflects your wishes. We are also happy to assist with supplier evaluation and selection.

Support in Project Business

If the "bow wave" is getting bigger and bigger because unforeseen additional tasks take you over, our qualified engineers will be happy to support you in managing your project and day-to-day business. If required, we can help you define individual work packages and then take over their processing. 

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