Industrial Plants & Power Plants

ERC's roots are in the field of power plant engineering. Therefore, our well-trained mechanical and process engineers know exactly what is important when advising power plant and industrial plant operators. For this reason, we always check whether the solutions, concepts and approaches we develop can also be practically implemented in your demanding day-to-day operations.



Process Engineering

 Process management
 Thermodynamic calculations
 Balance sheets
 Design calculations

Reduction of Emissions

 Compliance with the 44th BISchV (formerly TA Luft)
 Reduction of CO2 emissions
 Reduction of NH3 slip
 Reduction of particulate emissions

Project Management

 Process coordination
 Project monitoring


Operational Management

 Reduction of the energy demand
 Reduction of working capital requirements
 Total or partial process optimization



Problem Solving

In the case of plant malfunction or operating problems, we will help you clearly identify the cause of the problem and work out a solution.

Identifying potential Savings

By optimizing plant operation and developing practical operating strategies, we help you to reduce your operating costs in the long term.

Support in Project Business

If the "pile on your desk" is getting bigger and bigger because unforeseeable additional tasks take you over, our qualified engineers will be happy to support you in managing your project and day-to-day business. If required, we can help you define individual work packages and then take over their processing.

Procurement Support

Procurement processes in the technical area are becoming increasingly complex. In addition, an inadequate specification represents a financial risk. We take over the examination of supplier offers for you or already support you in the creation of a specification that exactly reflects your wishes. We are also happy to assist you with supplier evaluation and selection.

Maintain your Competitiveness

By developing and implementing intelligent energy concepts, we help you to permanently reduce your operating costs. The integration of low-emission or zero-emission technologies can also result in tax advantages.

Preparation of Feasibility Studies

If you want to integrate new technology into your existing infrastructure, we check for you in advance what effort this involves and what cross-dependencies exist.

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