Renewable Energies & Hydrogen

The name ERC stands for Emission Reduction Concepts. This is precisely why our well-trained mechanical and process engineers know how emissions can be reduced sustainably without losing sight of the customer's needs. For this reason, we always check whether the approaches, concepts and solutions we develop can actually be implemented in the day-to-day operations of the respective customer. Furthermore, we naturally always keep an eye on the costs for the acquisition and operation of a technical system.




Power Generation


Energy Storage and Transport

 Thermal accumulators
 Battery systems


 Hydrogen filling station
 Distribution Networks
 Integration into existing plants




Services for Municipalities & Communities

Local authorities are required to play a pioneering role in the use of renewable energies. We are happy to support you along the entire way, starting with the conception of a lighthouse project and ending with the successful commissioning of your plant. Through our professional support we ensure that at the end of the project you really get the technical plant or service that you specified (if necessary already with our support).

Image Cultivation

The issue of environmental protection is increasingly becoming the focus of public attention. Many customers now expect the products and services they purchase to meet a high ecological standard. We help you to offer your customers what they want and accompany you, for example, on the way to an environmental certificate.

Problem Solving

In the event of equipment malfunction or operational problems with your renewable energy generation facility or downstream systems, we will help you clearly identify the cause of the problem and develop a solution.

Concept Developments

We would be happy to develop concepts for you for the integration and use of renewable energies and/or hydrogen in your existing plant infrastructure and analyze the potential associated with the integration of the new technology as well as the acquisition and operating costs.

Reduce Emissions

By optimizing your existing plant and optionally integrating renewable energies, we help you to reduce your CO2 emissions and save taxes!

Preparation of Feasibility Studies

If you want to introduce new technology, we check for you in advance what effort this involves and what cross-dependencies exist.

Do you have questions about the listed topics or is your concern missing from the list? Please feel free to contact us!