ERC-plus process

ERC Technik combines the Advantages of the SNCR and SCR processes in the ERC-plus process.

The ERC-plus process is applied if strict requirements are made on the secondary ammonia emissions (NH3 slip brake) and if NOx reduction rates are required which cannot be achieved by the pure SNCR process. The ammonia slip arising from the SNCR stage is used in the catalytic secondary cleaning stage for further nitrogen oxide reduction. Therefore, it can be guaranteed that the NH3 secondary emission is safely kept below 5 mg/Nm³. The catalytic layer is integrated into the boiler in such a way that the reaction temperature over the load range of the combustion plant is 350 to 400 °C.

Advantages of the ERC-plus process:

  • safe adherence at the limit value, even in case of high reduction requirements
  • heavily reduced catalytic converter design volume
  • reduced catalytic converter replacement costs
  • minimal NH3 slip
  • very high reduction rates
  • optimised regulation concept
  • complete solution from one provider
  1. Firing additive
  2. Fuel
  3. Control unit
  4. SNCR stage
  5. Mixing and measuring module
  6. Water
  7. Atomiser air
  8. DeNOx additive
  9. SCR stage

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