Service and maintenance by ERC

Here at ERC Technik, our service is more than just service.

We offer a whole range of services and maintenance services for industrial firing and flue gas systems which is truly one-of-a-kind.

Maintenance and service management

The satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority. We therefore advise you comprehensive on spare parts, maintenance and service for our additive dosing systems, SNCR, SCR and burner systems. An inspection and maintenance programme created by us specifically for your system includes the inspection of the DeNOx and/or burner systems, which is necessary due to operational, safety and regulatory requirements. Your requirements set the direction in the planning of our services. We coordinate each contractual and service element with you after an exact analysis of the situation. Our experts with long-term experience can also assist you in maintenance planning. Highly skilled and continuously trained service technicians as well as strong network of reliable service partners and high performance methods guarantee the efficiency and quality of our maintenance solutions and the execution of all service works.

Remote maintenance

We offer remote maintenance of your plant as a special service. We also provide the necessary infrastructure and organise the provision and set-up of data cables, transmission technology, and network access.

Spare parts

We guarantee smooth and quick supply of quality-assured original ERC spare and wear parts for ERC DeNOx and burner systems for the entire service life of your plant. We take over the arrangement of complete spare parts packages up to the procurement, delivery and on-site installation of spare and wear parts.

Fault rectification

Faults are not only annoying; they cost money. They must be eliminated as soon as possible, particularly in case of burner and exhaust gas purification plants, which usually must offer round the clock availability. The highly qualified employees of ERC Technik support you with telephone assistance for quick fault remedy. We undertake technical clarification up to complete creation of a processing concept for fault rectification. On request, we can also provide on-site service.

Emission and temperature measurement

ERC Technik supports you in technical emission configuration of your plant. We assist and support you in the official measurement process in accordance with the German Federal Emission Control Act (BImSchG) and act as an intermediary with officially accredited monitoring institutes.

SO3 measurements

ERC Technik offers a new, innovative, and affordable solution for the measurement of the SO3 content in flue gases from oil or coal-fired plants. The newly patented measuring process is called SO3-Quickspot. This device helps in monitoring the risk of corrosion of heating surfaces and in the correct dosing of our proven additives for corrosion reduction.

Injection tests and field tests

For the optimisation of existing plants, ERC Technik conducts injection nozzle tests and field tests on site at the customer's premises. In the process, the use of our DeNOx additives for flue gas development in the SNCR process and the dosing of our burn-off enhancers are tested prior to permanent installation. In addition, the right additive, or the right additive mixture, can be determined and the necessary dosage can be specified before the plant optimisation. Then those test results are the basis for permanent plant optimisation with fixed installations.

Plant optimisation

We use our long-term experience for your benefit: Whether it is the plant optimisation, the adaptation of existing plants to the state of the art, the re-commissioning of a plant, or the analysis of current operating data, ERC Technik has the know-how.

Our experts work with you to create an optimisation, maintenance, and service concept. In case of larger optimisation projects, we also enlist the help of our colleagues from sales, engineering, and product development.

The modification and/or amendment of existing directives and standards requires constant review of your plant technology in order to comply with legal regulations. Our experts remain at your disposal to assist you in the identification and implementation of all necessary adaptations. We also advise you regarding the changes of emissions limits in the scope of the 17th German Federal Emission Control Regulation and its effects on existing waste incineration plants.

ERC Technik service contact

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Business hours:

Monday to Thursday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
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Service telephone during non-business hours: +49 (0) 4181 216 190