DeNOx plants

When burning of coal, Petroleum products, natural gas as well as domestic and hazardous waste for energy production, polutants such as nitrogen oxide (NOx) occur despite optimised combustion and sometimes in significant quantities.

By the reaction of nitrogen oxides with other atmospheric components, eg ozone is created, which results in the so-called summer smog. Other reaction products, such as nitric acid penetrate into the water and soil with precipitation as acid rain. The resulting nitrate accumulation has a negative impact on humans, plants, and animals.

In the meantime, allowed emissions in the flue gas have been limited by law in all industrial countries. ERC as a market and technology leader of DeNOx plants in Europe develops and produces highly efficient, individually tailored denitrification systems for various different combustion plants.

Of course, ERC Technik also develops, produces, and distributes the appropriate auxiliary process additives for the operation of DeNOx plants.

ERC Technik is a market leader for flue gas denitrification and supplies the complete plant technology for these processes:

SNCR process: Selective non-catalytic reduction at 850 to 1,100 °C
SCR process: Selective catalytic reduction at 200 to 450 °C

To the process additives

Of course, ERC Technik also develops, produces and distributes the suitable processing aids for the operation of DeNOx systems.

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