carbamin 5010

Burn-off enhancer for solid fuels

ERC carbamin 5010 is an aqueous solution of various oxidation catalysts for quick burn-off of residual coke in grate firing. The combustion process is more stable and the ash composition is improved. There is less flying ash that does not build up and can be filtered more easily. ERC carbamin 5010 is completely absorbed by the fuel and works within the solid fuel with a very large reaction surface. As a result, ERC carbamin 5010 contributes to high efficiency with lower dosing rates. Due to the more intensive combustion, CO emissions are significantly reduced and the combustion is completed more quickly. Build-up and reductive corrosion are prevented.

Advantages of ERC carbamin 5010:

  • more stable firing
  • better burn-off
  • less harmful emissions (SO3, NOx)
  • lower thermal losses
  • cleaner heating surfaces
  • better load distribution behaviour
  • reusable ash
  • better efficiency

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