satamin 3101

Burn-off enhancer for liquid fuels

ERC satamin 3101 is a liquid process additive, completely soluble in heavy heating oil, for use in steam generators fired with heavy heating oil. ERC satamin 3101 owes its properties to organometallic compounds which are specially adapted to current heavy heating oil qualities in accordance with DIN 51603 Part 3 and 5. The organometallic compounds interact synergistically as catalysts in the flame. Dust emissions are lowered by up to 90 % and CO emissions are reduced. Heavy heating oil can be burned in the near stoichiometric range which means it can be incinerated with the least possible excess air. ERC satamin 3101 is added to the heavy heating oil in proportion to volume through the primary dosing system for the reduction of dust, CO, and thermal NOx formation. The additive is completely stable and remains free from precipitation or deposit characteristics even after long storage periods.

Advantages of ERC satamin 3101:

  • reduction of thermal NOx formation
  • reduction of SO3 formation with low O2 content
  • heavily reduced dust emissions
  • clean heating surfaces
  • reduced cleaning work
  • increased flame temperature
  • incineration with the least possible excess air

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