satamin 3140

Burn-off enhancer for liquid fuels

ERC satamin 3140 is a liquid corrosion inhibitor which is completely soluble in heavy heating oil for heavy-oil-fired steam generators which also neutralises SO3 generated in the process. In addition to the organometallic components which are also contained in ERC satamin 3101, ERC satamin 3140 contains an additional active ingredient which effectively neutralises sulphuric acid or SO3 content in the flue gas.

Advantages of ERC satamin 3140:

  • compliance with dust emission limits
  • reduction of SO3 formation
  • lowering of the acid dew point
  • less build-up in the boiler
  • energy gains through improved firing efficiency

The changeover from satamin 3101 to 3140 must be reported. ERC Technik will assist you in this process.

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