satamin 3160

Burn-off enhancer for liquid fuels

ERC satamin 3160 is a liquid process additive, completely soluble in oil, for improved burn-off in heating oil (extra light) firings. With the use of ERC satamin 3160, less soot collects on the boiler walls and heat exchanger surfaces. In addition, existing deposits are reduced relatively quickly. ERC satamin 3160 is added to heating oil (extra light) and thereby reaches the flame directly. It catalytically promotes the combustion process. Higher useful heat generation, environmentally-friendly combustion, and reduced soot emissions are the result.

Advantages of ERC satamin 3160:

  • flame stabilisation
  • burner and boiler are kept cleaner
  • cleaning intervals are extended
  • lower fuel consumption
  • lower emissions
  • TÜV approval

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