Plant oil additives

Plant oil additives for optimal fuel characteristics

Our additive with an active soot reducing agent for biogenic fuels improves the performance of plant oils from renewable raw materials by increasing the cetane rating. It cleans the fuel system and then keeps it permanently clean while protecting against corrosion. This additive also prevents infestation by bacteria and fungi, optimises water separation ability, and reduces smoke development in the combustion.

Time-proven active substance for combustion of plant oils

Our plant oil additive is based on active ingredients which have already proven their effectiveness in commercially-available diesel fuel and which have been adapted to the special conditions in the combustion of plant oils from regenerative raw materials. Our plant oil additive optimises an entire series of fuel characteristics.

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Take advantage of our plant oil additives, for example:

  • Improved combustibility of the fuel
  • Improved cold starting behaviour and better engine performance
  • Fuel system is cleaned and remains clean
  • Protection against corrosion
  • Minimal smoke emission

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