Commercial and utility vehicles - Additives for more performance

The positive effects of our additives

Do you depend on the operation of your machines? In seasonal operation or round the clock? The key to this is the fuel: Optimise your diesel fuel and the performance of your fleet. Our diesel additives instantly turn a standard product into premium diesel with unique characteristics.

Some of the positive effects that can be achieved:

Improved efficiency
Long-term stability of the fuel
System protection

Additives pay for themselves

ERC diesel additives clean the engine and the fuel-carrying system for safe, economical and reliable operation of your vehicle fleet in any weather conditions. With our additives, owners of commercial and utility vehicles such as farmers, taxi firms or carriers can also:

  • improve engine performance
  • save fuel
  • improve the combustibility of the fuel
  • reduce emissions
  • prevent malfunctions and breakdowns
  • minimise maintenance and repairs
  • reduce operating costs


To keep the vehicle running...

A well-known example is winter diesel, a diesel fuel to which additives have been added: On cold days, diesel fuel can coagulate, causing fuel filters to clog so that the vehicles are not roadworthy. A flow improver, which is also added in a small dose at the refinery, substantially increases the diesel fuel's resistance to the cold.

Find the additive for your application

The ERC Additive Retailer Portal offers you many advantages:

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  • reusable templates
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