Heating oil additives

We keep heating systems running

Long storage times, contamination with microorganisms, or low temperatures in winter can cause heating oil to built up sediments which clog the oil tank, fuel lines, pumps or filters in heating systems. As a result, the heating can fail, which is especially unpleasant in the winter season.

Effective in case of cold weather, dirty conditions and long storage periods

We offer various products such as premium additives, flow improver products, biocides and numerous other additives that stop the ageing of heating oil, improve the flow properties of fuel by 10 degrees, prevent corrosion, keep heating systems clean, and therefore increase the service life, efficiency and operational reliability of heating systems. The resulting clean combustion also reduces consumption and emissions of the heating system.

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Take advantage of our heating oil additives, for example:

  • Slower ageing of heating oil
  • Lower consumption and emissions
  • No build-up of sediments, no deposits or clogging
  • Ash-free combustion
  • Aromatic substances suppress unpleasant odours
  • Fewer operational failures

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