Production plant

ERC Additiv - Production: Competence for more than 50 years

The ERC additive production facilities in Wahlstedt comply with the most stringent quality, safety and environmental standards. To maintain these standards we constantly invest in the infrastructure of our production plant.

At our plant in Wahlstedt, we currently produce and package about 30,000 tons of additives for the manufacture of premium fuels every year. For more than 50 years, and since 1993 for ERC, experienced employees have been meeting customer requirements by combining and filling active substances in tankers, large and small containers down to bottles as small as 50 ml. In addition to the ERC brand, numerous products of other renowned suppliers are also manufactured and filled, so that around 200 different products from approximately 25 brands leave our factory.


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How can we support you?

The handling of hazardous materials in compliance with all regulations is our daily business. Do you have products that are declared as hazardous materials? Would you like to store, manufacture or fill them into containers? Contact us! As a competent partner in the handling of hazardous materials we can offer you solution concepts for your products. We continually stock diverse single active ingredients for the manufacture of fuel additives, but the addition of your own products is also possible.

Take advantage of our know-how in the handling of hazardous materials and the formulation of additive packages.

  • We take care of the entire production chain for you - from the specification sheet to the labelled container
  • We also implement partial processes or single steps in the production process
  • State-of-the-art technology allows us to fill products in containers of different shapes and sizes
  • We have diverse containers in stock for fast and flexible response to requirements
  • We pick and package products as contracted respectively in compliance with hazardous materials regulations for worldwide distribution

Your hazardous materials are in good hands with us – Contact us!

Our top priorities are quality and safety

Safety is the top priority in the production of our additives. That is why we always comply with the current standards and hazardous materials regulations in the manufacturing, labelling and handling of our additives. And we always keep an eye on costs, efficiency and timing, to prevent production or packaging bottlenecks. Quality is the essence of our brand, which is why we always supply our customers with top products at fair prices!