Mineral oil retail trade - Additives create premium quality

ERC Additiv GmbH is a partner of the retail trade - that is our philosophy. And we take it seriously: We offer additives and the accompanying services to turn standard heating oil and fuels into premium products or to optimise the function of liquid (bio) fuels in generell.

Additives for premium heating oil:

The influence of light, oxygen, and condensate water can age heating oil. Modern burner technology requires tailored fuels with a longer storage life, higher efficiency, and more performance. Our additives are exactly tailored to these requirements and turn standard heating oil into a premium product.

  • They clean the pipes, tank and nozzles
  • They prevent renewed build-up
  • They provide protection against deposits, corrosion and ageing
  • They minimise expensive maintenance costs
  • They ensure optimal combustion
  • They prevent unpleasant odours

Additives for premium diesel:

Our diesel additives improve the thermal stability and combustibility of the fuel, increase its storage stability and reduce consumption as well as emissions. They also boost the engine performance of motorcycles, cars, utility vehicles or boats.

Advantages of using premium diesel:

  • Reliable engines that run with full performance
  • Adaptation of fuel for modern diesel engines
  • Compliance with emissions regulations
  • Protection against deposits and build-up, e.g. on the injection nozzle
  • Improved fuel storage life
  • No ignition delay, no problems with cold starting
  • Less frequent fuel filter replacement
  • Lower operating costs

Manufacturers of oil heating boilers insist on premium quality

'Viessmann oil heating boilers can be operated with all commercially available low-sulphur heating oils (extra light). Low-sulphur heating oil in premium quality is recommended.'

'WOLF recommends the use of low-sulphur heating oil for all oil heating boilers, preferably in premium quality [...]'

'As a leading provider of modern oil heating boilers, Buderus recommends the use of low-sulphur heating oil, preferably in automatically dosed and premixed premium quality [...]'


Additives for added value:

The use of additives in heating oil and diesel with ERC active ingredients
creates premium products and therefore true added value for your customers.

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