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ERC additives - wellness for your engine

At ERC we are a partner of the retail trade. That is why we offer a large spectrum of additives and engine care products in different containers for automotive accessory retailers, repair shops and filling stations. From ERC Diesel Additive with broadband effect for year-round operation to throttle valve cleaner spray.

The liquid toolbox:

ERC additives are the basis for a long engine life. With their components for performance optimisation and wear reduction, our additives keep the internal workings of engines fit and clean in vehicles with petrol, diesel, or gas engines.

Our additives fulfil multiple purposes. For example, they optimise engine combustion and performance, remove deposits in the fuel system or in the combustion chamber, and protect the engine components from wear.

And ERC offers even more. Our product portfolio has a liquid solution ready for nearly every car or motorcycle problem:

  • Lead substitute
  • Gear lubrication
  • Engine oil loss
  • Radiator cleaning
  • Throttle valve cleaning
  • Particulate filter cleaning

Find the additive for your application

The ERC Additive Retailer Portal offers you many advantages:

  • personal customer account
  • send product inquiries 24/7
  • reusable templates
  • request history
  • product filter
  • download PDF

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