Why additives – Advantages at a glance

ERC – the additive expert

Additives are used in a variety of areas in our day-to-day lives. Some examples are the food industry, the construction industry, and the cosmetics industry. However, they are also used in the storage and combustion of fossil fuels and biogenic fuels, such as petrol, (bio) diesel, heating oil, LP gas and ethanol.

ERC Additiv GmbH specialises in additives for fuels and lubricants. We are the expert when it comes to combining various components for various applications to put together a functioning additive package.
That sounds simple, but it is not. We have mastered this art. That is why our product spectrum and our know-how - Made in Germany - are in high demand not only here in Germany and Europe, but also abroad. Simply on the basis of recommendations, without cost-intensive marketing campaigns.

The benefits of our additives at a glance

Additives have numerous positive effects on fuels and lubricants:

  • Longer storage stability
  • Cleaning and sustained cleanliness of fuel systems and heating oil tanks
  • Suppression of unpleasant odours from heating oil
  • Optimised combustion in fuel-carrying systems
  • Better performance and lower emissions
  • Improved lubricating qualities
  • Higher octane and cetane ratings
  • Compliance with the requirements of (EU) standards and other requirements, such as "No-harm"

Where are additives used?

There are enormous amounts of different active ingredients which are used as additives. The combination of active ingredients used depends on a variety of factors. Of course, this depends first and foremost on the specific energy carrier. There is a broad range of these:

  • Heating oil
  • Diesel
  • Petrol
  • LP gas
  • Lubricants

Other crucial factors, however, are where the fuels or lubricants are used and the effect to be achieved with the use of an additive.

Additives for compliance with standards

Today there is essentially no fuel without additives. They are necessary, for example, to produce fuels in accordance with the German Industrial Standard (DIN) and EU standards. Refineries or import tank farms use additives because they allow the economical delivery of products in accordance with standards. Every litre of diesel that is sold at European filling stations contains additives - but that does not make it a premium product.

Additives improve functionality

Additives are necessary so that fuels fulfil the requirements of modern engines or fuel burners. However, they not only improve the quality of fuels, but also the function of fuel-carrying systems. The addition of additives optimises fuel combustion and therefore facilitates compliance with emission limits (such as the Euro 6 standard or the German Federal Emission Control Act).

Additives to boost performance

Our products bear the TÜV seal: The effectiveness of our additives has been tested and confirmed by leading manufacturers of burner test stands and in field tests with cars or trucks. They are also used in racing to further improve engine performance.

Highly recommended: Additives for heating oil

Heater manufacturers and the Institut für Wärme und Oeltechnik e.V. [Institute for Heat and Oil Technology] (IWO) confirm: 'Additives improve the product properties of heating oil. They can be added in the refinery or directly on site when refuelling.' Premium heating oil is enhanced with an additional additive package, which assures problem-free use, even after extended storage.