Petrol additives

We restore full engine performance

Petrol-driven vehicles, machines and equipment can operate efficiently only if the engine delivers full performance. That applies to lawn mowers, cars and motor boats alike. Dirty injection nozzles, inlet ports, filters or valves impair engine operation on the long term and also increase emissions and consumption. Friction in the area of the upper piston ring or the use of low-sulphur fuels without lubricating properties can also cause wear and loss of power in petrol engines.

Effective against build-up and wear

Our petrol additives produce different effects: they clean the entire fuel system, provide protection against corrosion and improve the lubricating properties of the fuel. This prevents renewed build-up and ensures higher operational reliability and lower consumption.

We offer a broad spectrum of additives that can simply be added to the fuel tank, in addition to other easy-to-use products for care and cleaning of the engine system.

Find the additive for your application

The ERC Additive Retailer Portal offers you many advantages:

  • personal customer account
  • send product inquiries 24/7
  • reusable templates
  • request history
  • product filter
  • download PDF

Discover the retailer portal

Take advantage of our petrol additives, for example:

  • Improved performance
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • No build-up on carburettors, valves, injection nozzles, spark plugs or in the combustion chamber
  • Eco-friendly combustion
  • Higher operational reliability
  • Improved acceleration
  • Higher octane rating
  • Optimal fuel flow
  • No engine pinging and knocking
  • Reduced exhaust emissions

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