Company - ERC Additiv GmbH.

ERC – We are Additives.

As part of the ERC family we have many years of experience in the development and production of additives for fuels. With innovative solutions for combustion and consumption optimisation, emissions reduction, as well as stabilisation and deposit reduction, we continually set new courses in the additives market and are among the pioneers in technological development. Our company develops first-rate concepts to use energy more efficiently.


  • we are on the market since 1993 as part of the ERC Group.
  • manufacture products in Germany for the ERC brand and for other brands.
  • deliver consistent, standard-compliant quality that is trusted by international mineral oil firms.
  • sell worldwide to manufacturers and retailers.
  • are certified by renowned manufacturers.
  • fulfil the most stringent quality, safety, and environmental standards.


Services and certifications

Here you can find out more about the ERC's services and certifications.
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