Lubricant additives

Our lubricant additives reduce friction and wear

The ageing of oil in the everyday operation of engines in machinery, vehicles or ships can cause deposits and clogging of filters and oil passages, which can ultimately result in damage or failure. Our high-performance engine oil additives eliminate these problems, reduce friction and wear, stabilise the viscosity, and improve the lubricating properties of engine oils. They also harden and protect metal surfaces on the basis of nanotechnology. In addition, we have a transmission oil additive that is suitable for all mineral oils and synthetic oils and can be used in all transmissions, differential and steering gears.

Optimally sealed to prevent oil loss

For old, hardened and leaky engine gaskets we have a time-proven high-performance additive that reliably seals oil leakage points and creates elastic seals that stops oil loss.

Many of our additives are suitable for universal use with all mineral and synthetic engine oils and are suitable for both petrol and diesel engines.

Find the additive for your application

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Take advantage of our lubricant additives, for example:

  • Reduced friction and less engine and transmission wear
  • Improved engine performance
  • Increased durability of the base oil
  • Cleaning of the engine and oil passages
  • Reliable and improved oil supply
  • Less noise and more stable oil pressure
  • Protection against oil ageing and corrosion
  • Lower fuel and oil consumption and reduced emissions
  • Longer engine and transmission life
  • Easier cold starting and improved anti-seizure properties

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